Why kettlebell for you?

Do you know why kettlebell for you? Become a trendy fitness tool in recent years with the ‘kettlebell’ craze going viral. You may be wondering to yourself what a kettlebell is exactly. It is a cast iron or cast steel weight with a handle essentially. Some kettlebells have a rubber coating to make it easier to grip on to.

The origins of it can be traced back to Ancient Greece and weighed up to 143kg. Even more recently, kettlebells were seen in Russia and in the early 1700s and were referred to as a ‘Girya’ in Russian. In the 20th century, kettlebells made their way to the United States. Today there is a kettlebell craze because of the enormous health benefits.

Its benefits in your life in various ways and they are a revolutionary health device because they are versatile and offer a whole body workout. You will develop your cardiovascular system by using kettlebells. Here are some reasons why kettlebells are the ultimate fitness tool for those who are serious about their health:

A varied full-body workout

With it, you will get a varied full-body workout while also having fun doing it. You are not stuck to a treadmill where you can’t do many variations other than walk and run. With it, you can do numerous types of workouts. If you google “kettlebell workouts” you will find all sorts of variations such as Russian kettlebell swing, single-arm swing, kettlebell figure 8 and tons more. The point is that kettlebells make workouts fun and exciting.

Strength without the monotony of reps

This goes back to the first reason. You will acquire strength using a kettlebell because since you are getting a full-body workout with various techniques, you are not limited to just doing one technique. For example, if you want to strengthen your core you can try three different types of workouts to accomplish the same thing; some of these include the swing, the clean, the snatch and the push-press. You are not stuck with a singular workout to achieve your dream body.

Flexibility without drawn-out poses

With it, you are able to also make your body flexible without doing a yoga program. The push of the weights can tighten and strengthen the muscles while flexing. Its overhead carry is one technique that involves lifting one hand straight above your head while carrying it. This develops your thoracic spine and shoulders while teaching you proper breathing. You can also try the kettlebell rack carry to improve your thoracic flexion and to grow elasticity in your quads, rhomboids, and traps. There are a lot more flexible workouts that the kettlebell benefits your life with.

Compact and simple

It benefits your life whether you are a minimalist or whether you simply just like simple tools that get the job done. In this case, getting the body of your life. Kettlebells are truly a remarkable fitness tool because you can bring it with you wherever you go; all you need to do is flip on some youtube videos and follow along with their workouts. It’s simple.

It is Safe

This one is important because a lot of the bulky fitness tools you will find in the market are expensive, bulky and sometimes just downright dangerous. It is safe for the intended age range which is teens, adults, and seniors in age. You basically have a reduced chance of getting hurt with this tool.

Cardio + Strength training

The kettlebell can in some ways be your replacement for a treadmill. You are working a lot of muscles in your body while also strength training. Some kettlebell cardio workouts involve a goblet squat which essentially involves holding it up towards your chest and squatting down between your legs until your calves are in alignment with your hamstrings. Another cardio workout is the single-arm swing which involves swinging it with one arm down and behind your legs as you swing. There are also kettlebell workouts exclusively made for strength but since the kettlebell is so versatile, your workouts will give you both strength and cardio benefits.

Great for busy people

It is a special tool if you are a very busy person. Kettlebell benefits your time and your pockets because you don’t have to go to the gym, let alone get a gym subscription. All you need is this little tool and a laptop as you watch some follow-along Youtube videos.

A fat loss machine

With the high metabolic cost of swinging heavy weights around and the buildup of muscle, you will require while using this tool. You will find that kettlebell is an absolute fat-shredding machine. Kettlebells are so active on your body that one kettlebell workout can burn up to 400 calories in only 20 minutes according to the American Council of Exercise. This means that if you continuously had fun with your kettlebell for one hour, you would burn up to 1200 calories.


If you haven’t bought yourself a kettlebell yet then I strongly urge you to go on amazon or your local store and start getting your body in shape. There is nothing like it and it benefits so many aspects of your life that it is worth the investment. They are affordable; you can get one for only 8-25$. but most importantly they will revolutionize your entire life.

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