Kettlebell exercises for shoulder

Do you know the benefits of Kettlebell exercises for your shoulder? The shoulder is a very complicated part of the body, known for its complexity, one has to ensure that they do the right exercise and also they use the right tools for the exercise. Performing your upper body fitness exercise with the kettlebell is a safe way to develop your shoulders strength and stability, thus making the kettlebell your number one workout partner. It designed to work for the improvements of your shoulders.

While using the kettlebells you will be able to freely move weight in a natural and fluid motion. You will also be able to learn complex moves. While working on your shoulders, you also engage your body core. This will always create a connection between the upper body and the lower body.

How does kettlebell work?

For the purposes of the shoulder developments, the kettlebell works to improve your, anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, middle and lower trapezes and the upper pectoralis major of your shoulders. By doing exercises highlighted below, you help to not only keep the fitness of your shoulders but also to keep it healthy and stable.

Exercises meant for your shoulders using the Kettlebell:

The strict press. This exercise is best for developing your upper body’s ability to push and press. It increases your pressing ability by developing the large latissimus muscles. Your body needs to flexible enough so as to avoid risking your shoulders from the injury.

How to perform the strict press:

It has to be performed in a standing position. Only one side of the body is to be loaded at a time. The arm lifting the kettlebell has to be positioned near the chin. When lifting it your arm has to stay straight and forward as you move it up and down. It has to be performed consecutively on both hands for it to work effectively.

Bottom up press

This form of exercise works to improve your grip ability and that of the forearms. The Advantage of this form of exercise over the others is that it does not only involve the shoulders but also engages the legs, glute, and the core.

How to perform the Bottom up shoulder press:

Stand with your legs stretched to your shoulder width, keep your left elbow close to the body side while holding the kettle bell with one of your arms, and use the free arm to maintain your balance. Press the kettle bell up and down repeatedly and keep exchanging your arms.

The kettlebell see saw press

This exercise work to build the strength of your shoulders and also helps to overcome strength imbalance.

How to perform the kettlebell see saw press:

Hold the kettlebells with each arm and assume an athletic position, press one kettlebell overhead and simultaneously interchange them with both hands. You should do this repeatedly.

Healthy Tips for shoulder exercises using the kettlebell:

Always master the fitness form, this helps to avoid doing the wrong form of exercises meant for your shoulders. If an exercise is not performed the right way Risks of injuring yourself are always high.

It’s advisable to use weights that you can handle so as to avoid your kettlebell from crashing down on you. This also helps to reduce muscle stress.

While performing the shoulder bottom-up press, you might consider using lightweight than the one used for the strict press; otherwise, you risk being crushed by the bell.

Holding the kettlebell with the bottom facing up brings balance and stability while exercising, you can also opt to hold the handle on the side placing the bell sideways.

Benefits of using the Kettlebell for your shoulder Exercise.

Helps you build strong and functional shoulders that are resistant to frequent injuries.

Increases the muscle mass in your shoulders thus making them stronger and effective.

Kettlebell work out for the shoulders to help improve the flexibility of the shoulders, muscle stability, and endurance, it also helps reduce muscular and joint pains in the shoulders.

It helps to keep the shoulder muscles, ligaments and tendons in place by strengthening the soft tissues.

The kettlebell enhances the body’s natural posture from the shoulders to the lower body.


Impingements that prevent body movements always result from poor shoulder flexibility and movement patterns. The kettlebells are the best workout tools to use when aiming to grow and improve the muscular ability and joint movements of your shoulders.

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