Best foods for weight lose

Whenever there is mention of the words weight lose, most people think dumbbells, Kettlebell weights, treadmills and other workout machines. Yes, there’s no denying that regular exercises are part of the journey, but weight lose begins on a plate. Let’s discuss about best foods for weight lose. Nevertheless, that does not mean you deprive yourself; it means you choose what you put on your plate carefully. Below is a rundown of the best food for weight lose to help you revamp your diet and power on your journey to your body goals.


Most people tend to dismiss oatmeal as food for those who practice strict diets. But in reality, it is one of the best foods for weight lose. It contains a high percentage of a specific soluble fiber known as beta-glucan which whenever you take out. It helps you feel fuller thus keeping cravings at bay. This enables you to stay away from foods that cause weight gain. Additionally, oat contains less sugar which automatically means fewer calories and fat build up and more proteins.

Thus, it helps reduce your calorie intake and at the same time offers you other health benefits. Such as reduced risks to cardiovascular diseases because reduced fat intake means reduced risk to conditions such as blood pressure and heart disease. Its high fiber content eases digestion while proteins help you in bodybuilding. What’s better is that you don’t have to take oat as plain as it is if you don’t like the taste. You can make it better with low-calorie fruits like avocado or cruciferous veggies or even milk.


We know that munching down that piece of tasty salmon might seem like cheating but in reality. You are eating your way to weight lose. Seafood like salmon and shrimp are not only good in the taste but also in nutrients. Even though they contain fats, they have the saturated fats which is healthy. They also boast high protein content which is good as it helps you preserve your body muscle mass, repair torn muscle, creates a feeling of fullness and contains fewer calories. When you combine all these factors, downing that piece of salmon with low-calorie veggies after working out will undoubtedly go a long way in helping you achieve fitness. Seafood is also rich in omega 3s and 6s which is incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing.


If you have a sweet tooth then why not use it on the delicious, healthy foods which will help you achieve your fitness goals such as blueberries? Munching on one cup of blueberries leaves you with about 4 grams of fiber and eighty calories only. Thanks to the fiber, most people are often not able to finish that serving without feeling full which means they take even fewer calories and feel significantly full thus keep cravings away. Besides being low on calories, blueberries have been scientifically proven to have anti-aging effects which again is a plus for you. Additionally, you can add these sweet berries on your yogurt, smoothie, oatmeal and almost every item on our best food for weight lose thus ramping up your weight lose journey.

Greek Yoghurt

Don’t just stock up your fridge with yogurt because you heard it is excellent for weight lose, stock it up with Greek Yoghurt as it is not only tasty but is also rich in proteins, has fewer sugars and hence fewer calories. We can’t emphasize the essence of proteins because it is quite clear that this nutrient works wonders on weight management. Additionally, Greek Yoghurt helps boost the levels of glucagon, a hormone released by the pancreas to aid in digestion which also helps lower your appetite thus preventing you from indulging in unhealthy foods. Besides, Greek Yoghurt is not only one of the best foods for weight lose but also a drink you’ll enjoy in every sip, and you can make it even yummier by adding blueberries which as shown earlier also aid in weight lose.

Lean meats

Eating your way to weight lose does not mean giving up everything that looks meaty. It means avoiding red meat as it contains high-calorie content and sticking to lean meats. You will be surprised to know that the juicy piece of bacon is classified as lean meat. Thus, eating healthy is not that bad or complicated as it entails taking your favorite food in the right amount. Lean meat such as bacon, skinless chicken breast or turkey will aid in weight lose as they contain a high amount of protein. As mentioned earlier, protein aids in weight lose as it contains healthy fats and fewer calories. This means that incorporating lean meats in your diet plan will help you shed those extra fats without having to strain yourself out.


You’re probably thinking Avocados! Yeah, avocados! Most people tend to dismiss this precious and sweet fruit thanks to its high fat which is true. However, it’s okay to consume avocado fats if they are healthy fats thus it is one of the best foods for weight lose.

Avocados pack a punch of monounsaturated fatty acids which help you avoid saturated fats which often contribute to weight lose. They also contain fewer calories. For instance, a 50 gram serving of avocado has only 80 calories. This not only helps you reduce your calorie intake while at the same time eating healthy but also leaves you feeling full thereby easing cravings that come when hunger strikes and thus enabling you to stay away from unhealthy foods. Besides the low calorie count, avocados pack a string of nutrients which make healthy living a reality such as potassium, dietary fiber, phytochemicals and less sugar thus taking avocados with something else for breakfast or any other meal will help you achieve weight lose and at the same time strengthen your immune thanks to the other nutrients it packs.

Nuts such as almonds

If you love munching on nuts, then you’ll have an easier time losing weight because nuts like almonds have been proven to aid in weight lose. First, they contain polyunsaturated fats which mean fewer calories and healthier fats. Secondly, they are rich in fiber and lastly pack a punch of proteins making them the ultimate superfood for weight lose. Besides the mentioned perks, almonds boast significant amounts of calcium and Vitamin E thus help you hit more than two bird using one stone as they enable you to lose weight thanks to their rich protein and fiber content, aid in digestion thanks to the fiber, strengthen your bones and boost your heart health. What makes them more interesting is that you can sprinkle them on other foods such as your favorite leafy green salad, yogurt or even homemade smoothies.

Red Wine

If you’re a wine lover, then it’s time to keep your bottle close. According to studies, red wine being a product of grapes is rich in an antioxidant known as resveratrol which is found in the grape skin. This antioxidant aids in weight lose by inhibiting fat storage around the waist which explains why most moderate wine drinkers tend to have less belly fat. However, this does not mean you down a whole bottle of wine every day as this might have adverse effects on your health. Taking a single glass of red wine every day after taking dinner will undoubtedly work its magic on your waistline.

Cruciferous veggies (leafy greens)

Our list wouldn’t be complete without these veggies. Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts among many others. Apart from their exceptionally delicious taste when added on salads and cooked in the right manner. All the mentioned veggies are low-fat veggies and pack a lot of proteins and dietary fiber. And as mentioned, if you’re looking for the best food for weight lose, you can never go wrong with the protein-fiber combo. The two work hand in hand as fiber makes you feel full, aids in digestion ensuring proper gut health while proteins repair and preserve your muscles and at the same time make you feel full yet they are low in calories.

Other best foods for weight lose:

Pulses like kidney beans and peas
Sweet potatoes

Final thoughts

Losing weight lose doesn’t have to be that hard. If you watch what you eat and integrate regular exercise. Then you will not have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a particular diet plan or workout plan. We did not just pick random foods and placed them on our list instead we went the extra mile to ensure that every item on our list has been scientifically proven to aid in weight lose. What’s even better is that you can come up with your unique diet plan using our list hence speed up your weight lose process. The key is in ensuring that you stick to adequate amounts and incorporate workout exercises because at the end of the day no matter how healthy a particular food might be it is not a magic pill for weight lose.

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