Benefits of Kettlebell for Runners

For strength and conditioning, kettlebell for runners is what to go for. It is a simple piece of equipment that is effective and can be counted on where there is a need for the development of cardiovascular capacity, power, strength and muscular endurance. These developments are important when improving the performance of runners.

The shape and size are the characteristics that make the kettlebell differ from dumbbells. When loading a kettlebell, one has to work harder so that weight can be balanced than when loading a dumbbell. It is preferable to use the kettlebell due to its shape when it comes to leading exercises especially when one wants to do lunges or single-leg deadlifts. The shape of the kettlebell feels more challenging plus its more comfortable.

Studies on conditioning and strength have shown that when it comes to female athletes who undergo a program of 4-week kettlebell strength training had an improvement of six percent VO2max experience. The VO2max is one of the many factors attributed to the speed of a runner. The implication here is that a kettlebell could go a long way to make a runner faster.

When it comes to explosive movements like the kettlebell swing, the kettlebell comes in handy. The explosive movements are attributed to improving running through improving strength, power and the form of running. For instance, kettlebell swings are responsible for power developments in the glutes and the hips of a runner. This kind of power is vital when running very fast or when running on a terrain that is hilly. The posterior chin is also strengthened by the kettlebell swing and in return improves the running form.

When it comes to improving the stability of a runner, a kettlebell is the option to go for since it requires one to work harder to stabilize the weight. The core strength is also improved during the stability training. It is true to say that lots of kettlebell exercises unilaterally increase the strength of the body. More particularly are the single deadlifts and the lunges which reduces the risks of injury that result from muscle imbalance.

Efficiency is one of the main benefits of the kettlebell. Using it, it is possible to conduct strength training sessions that are well-rounded in fifteen minutes to all the major muscles. It comes in handy when one does not have adequate time and energy for training when one has to train for long-distance races. Within a very short time, the kettlebell provides an effective strength work out with a routine of swings, shoulder press, lunges, and single-leg deadlifts; this is further made more fun at the comfort of the home gym.

Despite everything, it would be incorrect to argue or assume that the kettlebell can be used to replace the runs, especially when training for a race. Neither can it be a magic bullet with extra advantages compared to any other form of strength training. When the runner chooses to use the kettlebell, the dumbbells or the barbells, he/she should stick to their option. However, what a kettlebell does is that it offers a means to integrate exercises that are power-building in the runner’s routine particular where it is not easy to access to the barbell weights.

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