Kettlebell Workout

Many workout routines, whether in the gym or at home, have the tendency to be monotonous, or even boring after a while. it is extremely important that you break yourself free from this monotony the soonest that you can and introduce brand new variations to your workout so that you can stay motivated.

The Many Wonders of Kettlebell Workouts

A good and effective kettlebell workout will be able to work on your muscles in an entirely different way compared to what your body has been used to. Intense kettlebell workouts offer numerous muscular and cardiovascular benefits such as fat loss. It is also found out that kettlebell workout is discovered to be extremely effective when it comes to developing strength, core stability, flexibility and improving speed.

Many Hollywood personalities and celebrities have included kettlebell workout to their regular routine. With its origins traced back to Russia, the kettlebell is quickly gaining fame in many parts of the world today. Originally, this was regarded as a training program only for weightlifters. However, with the all around benefits it offers starting to come to light, many martial art students and athletes started working out with kettlebells.

Instead of going for a complete kettlebell workout during the early stages, kettlebells are also useful as finishers or you can throw these in between with the rest of weight training exercises that you have. At first, it is a must that you learn how to maneuver kettlebells, similar with dumbbells, in order to prevent any injury. That is why it is a must that you try to get proper quality training for using kettlebells from a reliable kettlebell instructor. The moment you reached the basic level, you can then little by little move to more complicated or advanced fluent movements that will require better coordination, agility, speed and fitness.

Perks of Performing Kettlebell Workout

Unlike other forms of gym training, it is very affordable to work out with kettlebells, not to mention that there is very minimal requirement. There is no need for you to invest a big amount for your workout because just a couple of kettlebells will do. You can always choose kettlebells based on their weights ranking from two to one hundred pounds each.

Kettlebells with lighter weight are recommended for the beginners and the moment they get more comfortable with movements, they can move on to heavier kettlebells for more instance workouts. There are a lot of combinations and variations that you can try with a kettlebell. If you like to work on the upper body, kettlebells can be used for regular pushups. Meanwhile, swinging action while you hold the kettlebells can strengthen the muscles of your lower body. All forms of kettlebell exercises work hard for strengthening the torso or core while simultaneously boosting your flexibility.

Kettlebell workouts give you the chance of training virtually anywhere as these are movable. Working out with kettlebells involves plenty of muscles at the same time, making it beneficial for the athletes who need to work on their entire body, and to be specific, the arms, shoulders and hamstrings benefit from kettlebell training. In addition to that, intensive exercises with kettlebells can help you lose a lot of many calories in a short period of time.

A kettlebell workout also involves fast exercises including cleans, snatches, swings, and jerks, which when done in repetitions, provides unbelievable muscular endurance as well as bodily strength. The basic kettlebell swing is the first exercise that everyone may begin with before moving to the other kettlebell exercise, which are a bit complicated because they require fluent movements. The windmill kettlebell exercise works on the body’s upper part and enhances your core strength and flexibility. A well-planned kettlebell workout won’t focus much on a certain area, but also this will give your body a good workout.

Ways to Make Your Own Kettlebell Workout

Making your own kettlebell workout is not complex as it seems. In fact, it can be fun as long as you will follow particular standards and rules. To do that, you have to learn some things first before you can make one for your own. However, by just choosing the right equipment for making a kettlebell workout program that would perfectly fit your needs and schedule, you can guarantee that you will get results.

Basic Components of Kettlebell Workout Program

A great exercise program is consisted of 3 simple kinds of movements, which are the pushes, the lower body, and the pulls. Every movement comprises different exercises that will provide you various choices to make your workout more effective and challenging.

  • The Pulls

These are the movements that will require you to pull weights toward your body from any direction from in front, above or below your head. Some examples of such exercises are the rows and the pull ups. This kind of movement will stimulate mainly your deltoids, biceps, lats, and shoulder muscles along with some minor muscles on your back.

  • The Lower Body

These exercises are commonly any exercise that would stimulate the leg muscles including calves, hamstring, quads, and glutes. An amazing feature of doing lower body exercises is the core muscle’s stimulation. Simply lift a heavy kettlebell from the ground ill activate the core muscles of your body so that it will be capable of handling weight and prevent heavy loads from breaking your spine. Some of the lower body exercises known are lunges, deadlift, and goblet squat.

  • The Pushes

Pushing exercises are movements that allow anyone to push weights in any direction. Great examples are the alternating floor press, kettlebell Arnold press, and renegade push up. This kind of movement will stimulate mainly your pectoral muscles, shoulders, and triceps along with some minor muscles in your upper body.

Overall, a kettlebell workout is definitely beneficial. Whatever your fitness goals, whether you just want to maintain your body figure or wish to drop extra pounds and build muscles, kettlebell workout may help you. Just make sure to determine first the best and right kettlebell workout for you to reap all the benefits..

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