How to prevent injurey during workout

how to prevent injurey during workout

How to Prevent Injury during Workout

Keeping fit is essential to maintain the overall health of your body. However, it can be a disservice to yourself if instead of losing weight or building muscles, you end up on hospital due to injuries you could have prevented in the first place. Here are a few tips to help prevent an injury during a workout.

Consult with a doctor

You may think you are okay to carry out a rigorous workout routine, but your doctor’s opinion might change your mind. No one is perfectly healthy, and you could have an underlying medical condition you are not aware of therefore talking to your doctor will facilitate a recommendation of the right workout program tailor-made for your body.

Always warm up first

Engage in an active warm up session for about five to minutes where you involve your legs and arms by doing dynamic stretches. Cold muscles are prone to injury hence a warm-up will increase blood flow to the tissue and reduce stiffness, which consequently lowers the risk of injury. You should also not hold positions for too long since they can result in muscle tear.

Adopt a smart strategy for your workout program

Rome was not built in a day and do not begin an intense exercise expecting to obtain results immediately. Injuries are a result of changing routines too soon; therefore, the key is to always start on a slow gear. Once your body gets used to the moderate intensity and speed, only then should you gradually increase with time.

Wear the right exercising gear

Everything from your shoes to the clothes you wear should be comfortable. Your training sneakers should be the right fit and have proper cushioning to absorb shock as well as prevent you from having blisters. Your clothes should not be tight-fitting to allow your body to breathe and have room to move as you exercise comfortably

Know the proper technique

You must ensure to learn the appropriate way to do some exercises such as stretching or squatting before beginning. A personal trainer or coach will come in handy to not only help you with getting started but also with giving you advice on the proper exercises to take on when you are ready to progress to the next level of aerobic and anaerobic exertion.

Eat well and stay hydrated

Just like a car will not go anywhere without gas, your body will not perform any tasks without the necessary energy; therefore, you must eat the right foods. A balanced diet will provide the essential food for your workout; carbohydrates help in providing energy and restoring the glycogen levels in preparation for your next routine. Protein is critical to replenish your muscles after exercise thus prevents you from wasting away and also offers you the extra boost to lose the energy of that is your goal. You should also be well-hydrated during, before and after your workout to help in the metabolism. You can, therefore, incorporate a nutritionist to your exercise, so they give nutrient-related advice.

Recognize and adhere to your body’s signals

Our bodies communicate in various ways ad once it needs to rest, it will give you a handful of signs which you should not ignore. If you have aching muscles, sore body parts or fatigue that seems not to end even when you sleep, then it may be time to stop and re-plan your exercise routine since you may be overexerting yourself. Take some time off your workout and rest for a couple of days or until you feel well enough to proceed since exercising with an aching body will result to further damage, especially if you do not know the cause of pain.

Choose the right workout for you

Know your body and its weaknesses so that you are aware of what it can comfortably handle. For instance, if you have weak bones, swimming, as opposed to high impact exercises, is ideal to offer you sufficient aerobic conditioning without straining your joints.


Working out is fun, and you should enjoy it, but you can only do so if you follow the above tips. Therefore, get fit and stay healthy but always remember to rest once in a while, you need it.

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