How to lose body fat

best way to lose body fat

Losing body fat is not an easy mission. That moment you become more persistent working very hard, the more stubborn it seems to get. Whether you are doing it for health reasons, look good for the beach, athletic performance or any other reason, loosing fat becomes a key incentive to working out your body. True, the body needs essential fat for cushioning and insulation. Nevertheless, too much body fats is associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

The visceral fat, around your abdomen, is in particular what you want to shed off because it can attack your body organs and hinder their capacity to function well. Below are hints you to incorporate into your daily routine, and improve your metabolic rate while losing fats. Read more about tummy tuck bay area.

Make a plan

With proper planning, your aim is realized with greater certainty. For fat loss, your goals must be clear and precise as to the reason you want to do it. Set the day to start, inform your friends and family members how you intend to do it, and that you are going to start on a specific date. As you will learn from any weight loss success story, the individuals firmly stuck to their plan and always remained committed and consistent. Achieving a low body fat is not the easiest of prepositions; therefore, you must be fully committed to your plan.

Low intensity cardiovascular aerobics

Low impact aerobic activity is perfect for anyone who is significantly overweight (over 30 percent in females and 25 percent body fat in males). During the initial stages of weight training, low intensity aerobics is probably the best to ensure that your body is not stressed much at this early phase of the training. It is worth noting that, lower-intensity aerobics and weight training should both be done interchangeably for better results.

Drink a gallon of water per day

An increase in water intake has been proven important in losing body fats. When the body is kept hydrated, the liver is able to convert fat for energy purposes. Our bodies are more than 70% water; therefore, it makes sense to always stay hydrated anyway!

When the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver is forced to work on behalf of the kidneys. Hence, pulling down liver efficiency and hindering fat-conversion process. Keeping our bodies dehydrated is an important step toward fat reduction. Ensure you take at least a gallon of water per day, or more if overweight and/or living in a hot environment.

Steadily cut back all bad fats

Foods containing the wrong kind of fats will result to fat gain. It is therefore recommended you eat foods that got good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, nuts and avocado will stimulate the metabolism and burn more fat in the long run. Check out the labels for sugar Leiden foods even those branded ‘low fat’. Complex carbohydrates including: oats, brown rice, beans and potatoes have been proven to stimulate the metabolism without causing insulin spike, which causes an increase in body fats.

Fiber is a third type of carbohydrate, which can be traced in high-wheat foods, vegetables and some fruits. It is a key player fat loss because it pushes fat out the system. Nutritionists recommend 30 grams fiber intake per day; however, an extra 10-15 is advised for fat loss. Consuming foods that are very close to their natural state guarantees that you are getting all the fiber, vitamins and any other goodness from them.

Cut Alcohol

This is one of the worst practices towards achieving weight loss goal. Alcohol consumption will add empty calories and reduce appetite. Alcohol goes long way to reduce the number of fat calories burned for energy. Once the liquor gets into the body it is converted into acetate, which is utilized by the body replacing fats for energy; hence, the body maintains its fat stores as they remain unused.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is highly underrated. However, muscle recovery and growth come about when we sleep. It is recommended that you get at least a good 8 hours of rest. When you are tired your insulin sensitivity declines: insulin is a hormone for fat storage. Also when you are tired and sleepy you lack energy to exercise your body, and you may find yourself skipping them.

Increase protein intake

Your body needs protein for faster fat loss. Yes! You need to eat to lose fat. High protein diets have higher thermogenic. Hence, keeping hunger pangs at bay and maintaining lean muscle. For every 100 calories intake your body burns up to 25% of that by breaking it down.

Serve approximately, 2-3 ounces of lean meat, 3 tablespoons of nuts, half cupful low-fat yogurt, to every meal. In addition, research have it that protein can up post meal fat burn by 35 percent.

Use a fat-burning Supplement

Fat-burning supplements add thermogenic effect on the body; this increases the rate of fats burning. It is worthy realizing that these supplements won’t work alone, they will help only if used in conjunction with adequate training and diet. During this period if you consume less than 1,600 calories per day then you might have difficulties getting the needed nutrients to support your health and training. Therefore, you should consider taking a multivitamin-mineral supplement.

The capacity to do what is required every moment without fail is the trademark of a winner. For fat loss, the plan need to be taken very serious for you to realize this goal. One way to know whether you’re losing weight and increasing muscle is to have your body fat measured once in a while. But, you can also tell by the way your clothes fit and the way you feel.

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