Best pull up bar for home

Best pull up bar

Today I am here to discuss about best pull up bar for home. What comes to your mind when you see a person doing pull up bar exercises? Probably, he/she is in great shape, right? Well, pull up bar exercises are not only a challenging exercise, but are also quite respected. Other than that, pull up exercise are very beneficial in so many ways and it’s why you should incorporate this exercise into your workout routine. But, to do so, you must have a best pull up bar. There are a lot of best pull up bar out there on the market, but not all are the same. Below is a review of the four best pull up bar that will help you achieve maximum body fitness.

Why Should You Use a Pull up Bar?

Before we dive into that, you may be wondering, why should I use a pull bar for home? How will it benefit me? Doing pull up exercises focuses on several muscles found in the upper body part. They include the rhomboids, arm muscles, cardiovascular amongst others.

These exercises will provide you with the following benefits;

  • Improved Grip Strength

Since you will be using your hands to hang on the pull up bar, this exercise will improve your grip strength. It’s therefore quite advantageous for climbers.

  • Muscle Growth

This is one of the significant benefits of doing pull ups. It helps stimulate muscle growth, particularly the muscles. It also helps strengthen the back and increases spine flexibility and general body strength.

  • They are Convenient

You can do pull ups anywhere, at the gym or even at home, as long as you have a pull up bar. We recommend getting one for yourself for easy accessibility.

  • Weight Loss

By doing pull ups, you will be burning some calories. Additionally, as you increase the intensity, you will be giving your body a metabolic boost.

These are the four major benefits of pull up exercises. But, you can’t enjoy these benefits if you don’t have a best pull up bar.

Some Best pull up bar for home review

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

The Iron Gym is one of the most popular pull up bars on the market. It’s because of its versatility. With this pull up bar, you can do pull ups, chin ups, and also abdominal exercises. It’s an ideal multi-function strengthening device that will do wonders on your upper body part. It gives you the freedom to either hang it on top of the door for pull ups or instead move it to the ground for dips and sit-ups. Additionally, it’s very sturdy and will serve you for an extended period. The Iron Gym will provide you with an exercise that will help build a powerful upper body.

The Pros

  • It’s a multi-functioning training bar – With the Iron Gym pull up bar you can do more than just pull ups. It’s ideal for crunches, dips and a lot more.
  • Fast and Easy Installation – This bar doesn’t require any assembling. Therefore the installation is quite simple. It comes with leverages that allow you to hang it in the doorway and begin your exercises immediately it arrives.
  • It features narrow, wide and neutral grip positions.
  • It’s strong and able to withstand the most intense pull up workouts.
  • It’s also designed to fit in most doorways.

The Cons

  • The rubber grips do wear out eventually. You can, however, purchase new ones after every six to eight months. This depends on how frequently you use it.

ProSource Chin-up/Pull up Bar Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-UpPull-Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

The ProSource isn’t your regular type of pull up bar. It’s a heavy duty pull up bar ideal for home exercises. You can easily slip it into your doorway, and with the multi-grip feature, you can conveniently do as many pull ups as possible. However, make sure that your door frame is sturdy enough to avoid any incidents. Additionally, if you have set aside some workout space in your home, that would be a suitable location for you to install it there permanently. This single equipment is capable of developing your back, arms, shoulder, chest, and even abdominal muscles. This bar can hold a maximum weight of up to 3 pounds.

The pros

  • It’s Multifunctional – This pull up bar offers 12 comfortable grips and various handles that allow you to engage in different types of exercises.
  • It’s ideal for improving upper body strength. The ProSource Doorway Trainer for Home Gym enables you to effectively strengthen your upper body part through pull ups, sit ups, pushups amongst others.
  • The Installation Procedure is Easy – Once it arrives in your home, you can quickly assemble it and fit it into your doorway.
  • A Great At-Home Workout – There’s nothing that’s as convenient as working out at home. Plus, the pull up bar comes with an exercise guide.
  • It’s made of durable steel and will serve you for the longest time possible.

The Cons

  • The ProSource pull up bar is sturdy and can damage a weak door frame.

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pullup Bar

The Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pullup Bar

Get the most out of your workouts from the XL Doorway pull up bar. It has a wide diameter, and it’s made of heavy steel and thus will provide you with the exercise that you need for a long time. It has three different grip positions which target different muscles. You can also quickly switch from the doorway to floor exercises. The quality construction of the pull up bar makes it a favorite among most fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, it’s designed to fit most doors that have a width of 24 – 36”.

The Pros

  • The bar conveniently fits most doorways with ease, and it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The bar ends are also expandable.
  • It gives you a full range of motion pull up workouts that help build muscle. You can also try out floor exercises such as dips.
  • It also features a tight and rigid frame. Moreover, the foam grip handles minimize strain during workouts.
  • It’s suitable for everyday use.
  • It provides you with high metabolic home workouts that in turn aid in weight loss.

The Cons

  • Some clients have claimed that it doesn’t easily fit their doorway frames. It’s therefore advisable for you to take the measurements of your door before purchasing it.

The Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is the perfect addition to your home gym. It has four stations; the knee raise, the pull up, the dip and the push-up station. You can, therefore, engage yourself not only in the pull up exercises, but other exercises that will help you in improving body fitness. With this power tower, you can strengthen your entire body. It will help develop both upper and abdominal muscles. The Weider Power Tower is a must-have exercise station if you intend on setting up a home gym.

The Pros

  • It’s Versatile – The Weider Power Tower as mentioned above will allow you to engage in multiple workouts including pull ups.
  • Activate Your Arms – By doing the pull up exercises, you will be defining and strengthening your arm muscles.
  • It’s Built to Last – It’s made of durable steel and will, therefore, serve you as workout equipment for long.
  • The Multi-grip pull up station is suitable for building the chest, back, and arm muscles.
  • You can use it at the base for stronger shoulders and chest.

The Cons

• It requires some space because it measures 58 x 20 x 9 inches. If you intend on using it effectively, you should then create some space for it.

Stamina Power Towers

There are those of us that have been in search of the best pull up bar that will help them to do their work out! The good news here is that we have it right here for you. It is a Grip-Trainer that has been made to help you sculpt and also strengthen the whole body. You might be looking at it like a one piece of product but I have to assure you that form it, you are going to get the best multiple stations to workout, do your push-ups, carry out your workouts, triceps, sit ups, and vertical knee raise.

The Pros

  • Made with non-slip endcaps to help you out do your workout pretty well.
  • It has been designed to last for a long time due to the sturdy steel construction.
  • It is a system that can help you to do your triceps and also dip stations.
  • It utilizes the use of gravity and also your body weight to ensure that you get to enjoy an effective workout.

The Cons

  • The pull up bar gets loose quicker and in an easy manner.

Sportneer Pull Up Bar Doorway Chin Up Pull up Bars

with this item, you are able to ensure that your back, biceps, shoulders and also arms are strengthened. At the same time, your upper body part will also be strengthened. The good part is that all this will take place right at the comfort of your home. It has been designed with multiple handgrips that will be vital in varying your workout so that you are able to reach various target places with ease.

The Pros

  • It is an easy to install item. Requires no specialist to do that for you.
  • It has been with a comfortable grip that will protect you from sliding as you do your exercises.
  • It is a chin-up bar that has been built to last. Thanks to the heavy duty and high grade steel used.

The Cons

  • Might not be able to fit well on some doorways, needing you to do some installation in another place.

Final Thoughts

The above are the four best pull up bars on the market. Purchase one today and begin the journey to achieving body fitness. A good pull up bar should be the one that fits your home gym situation. Getting a pull up bar is the first step, the next step entails beginning the pull up exercises. Make sure that you install it somewhere where you are going to see it and be compelled to use it on a regular basis.

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