Best adjustable kettlebell

What is best adjustable kettlebell? 

We are here  to discuss about best adjustable kettlebell. An adjustable kettlebell is a gym device used for full body workout. With this device, your workout can be done in less than 20 minutes. Provision is made for the addition and removal of weight, which ensures you get the needed weight that suits your workout sessions. Each weight plate should weigh within a range of 5 to 10 pounds. The handle alone should be about 5 pounds – the minimum weight of a kettlebell. In other words, you can still carry out session using only the handle of the kettlebell after removing all the weight plates. 

Why is it for you? 

Saving Money 

Adjustable kettlebells usually come with different weight levels that you will need in your training sessions. And it ends up being much cheaper than going for the traditional kettlebells. 

 Easy to Progress 
With the adjustable kettlebells, progressing in your training routines from one weight to another becomes easy and less expensive. This can motivate you in going from the 5 pounds weight to the 40 pounds weight levels without having to change your kettlebell. 
Saving Space 
If you have a home with less space, the adjustable kettlebell is perfect for you as you helps you save space in your home. Come to think of it, instead of keeping 5 or more kettle 
Other benefits are 
· Improve your cardio fitness 
· Reduce body fat 
· Tone muscles 
· Other benefits are 
· Increase in strength. 
· Improved balance, 
· and reduced injury risk 

How to select best adjustable kettlebell? 

In selecting an adjustable kettlebell for purchase, the following factors should be put into consideration. The adjustable kettlebell you pick should be able to meet your fitness goals. 

Weight Increments 

Weight increment is dependent on how serious you are with more rigorous routines and on your current fitness level. Some adjustable kettlebell has fewer increments and therefore a lower overall weight. For instance, the ones that have 3 increments gives a total of 12 pounds while some adjustable kettlebells can take up 7 or 8 increments which give a total of 40 or 50 pounds. 


Before buying an adjustable kettlebell, on important factor to consider is how the adjustable system works. Especially for beginners, you will definitely need an adjustable kettlebell that is easily and quickly adjusted on the go. This quick adjustment ensures you don’t spend too much time and effort in trying to adjust the kettlebell when you should be working out 


Another important thing you need to consider before making a purchase for the adjustable kettlebell is the nature of the handle. The handle of your choice training set should be easy to hold and comfortable in providing a good grip to avoid blisters 


This is another important factor you should think about because generally speaking, the more the metal used in the making of this training set, the better it is. Materials such as rubber and plastics might just not be strong enough if you are working out for strength. Metals are sturdier than plastic and therefore won’t break easily like plastics 

Titan Fitness 10lb to 40lb Adjustable Kettlebell 

Best adjustable kettlebell


Drop Cast Iron Plates and a solid build make this item extremely strong and durable giving a superb build quality. This adjustable kettlebell also features a flat base for easy storage. 

The system mechanism can easily adjust weights. It comes with 6 different adjustable weight levels. You are now able to save money, space, and time 

This fitness equipment can be used by many. For beginners, it is perfect and also suitable for a more advanced athlete 

Also featured in the set, is the cast iron and powder coated extra wide handle for easy grip. The powder coating handle ensure you don’t get blisters and you don’t feel uncomfortable when lifting 

It can go from 10lb to 40lb in an increment so you do a lot of exercises at your convenience. And as you become stronger, there should be an increment in weight levels. 



· Goes from 10 to 40 pounds

· It very easy to adjust

· Good for expert

· Ergonomically designed for comfort

· Has a wide and comfortable grip

· Solid build makes it a great value


· 10 pound is not fit for start up. 

Empower Kettlebell

Empower 3in1 Adjustable Kettlebell


The simple click and twist design of this equipment allow you change from 5 pounds up to 12 pounds in a quick and easy way. This also gives you versatile workout opportunities.

The ergonomically designed grip of the Empower Kettlebell comes with a soft finish that makes it convenient to use. It also makes the movement more controlled and smooth. The handle of this set is also not likely to hurt your hands and fingers

The materials used for its design and production are durable and easy to use. It, therefore, can hold through all your training routines.


  • It is made with durable materials
  • It has a soft finish
  • Ideal for beginners
  • You can easily change weights
  • Ergonomically designed
  • You also get a workout DVD


  • Item is not very heavy
  • When weight are added or removed, it changes shape
Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell


This gym set can be easily adjusted in 5-pound increment from 10-40 pounds. As an added advantage, this set can be adjusted easily with just a simple click and lock system that allows you to quickly change weights.

Even better, is that this kettlebell is made of real metal and each weight plate also constructed with solid metal so you are guaranteed a long time use and gym experience.

The handle of the Kettlebell kings is designed to easily fit the hand. The handle also features a comfortable padding in providing a soft grip surface that doesn’t cause you discomfort and even blisters.


  • This set goes from 10 to 40 pounds
  • 7 weight plates
  • 5-pound increments adjustability
  • Very good value for the price
  • Weight plates are made of solid metal
  • Handle is comfortably designed


  • It changes shape when you adjust weights

PowerBlock Kettle Block

This kettlebell can be adjusted between 8 and 40 pounds. This feature is why the Powerblock kettlebell is suitable for both beginners and more serious trainers.

This exercise equipment is durable due to the fact that it Is made of high-quality materials from top to finish. This is true for the weighted plates, frame and the handle too.

It has an ergonomically designed handle so you can swing your hands with ease and comfort with any form of damage. This quality makes this tool a very good one to keep n your home.


  • Different weight increments
  • Has a strap to protect your wrists
  • Very versatile
  • Device is comfortable to use
  • It is easily adjustable
  • Has a wide grip handle
  • Great build quality


  • Doesn’t have the traditional kettlebell shape

Rocketlok 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebell


Instead of different plates on the outside of the kettlebell, the Rocketlok adjustable kettlebell has steel cylinders that can be adjusted to fit inside the kettlebell.

One thing that makes this kettlebell unique is the weights levels that can be concealed inside. This means that its shape doesn’t change when you add or remove a weighted cylinder and this makes it a versatile kettlebell.

This set is adjustable from 24 pounds to 36 pounds with an increment of 4 pounds. this weights and increment make it a good kettlebell for the intermediate fitness level. Also featured in this training tool, it the ergonomically designed handle that is very comfortable when lifting weights. This handle allows you to do your workouts without causing blisters and discomfort.


  • Milled steel weight cylinders
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Has an outer shell that is extremely durable
  • You can easily adjust this set
  • Maintains centre of gravity
  • Ideal for people at the intermediate fitness levels


  • Plastic easily gets stuck

Hyperwear Soft bell Adjustable SoftKettle 7-30 Pounds


Adjustable weights

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in weightlifting, this kettlebell is designed for all since it has adjustable weight. The weights range from 7 pounds to 30 pounds essential for pro weightlifters.

Soft materials

Unlike other weight lift kettlebells which are designed with hard materials, this kettlebell is made with soft materials that are gentle to your house floor. This feature is essential since the elastic material protects the device from damaging the floor in case you accidentally drop it on the group. Note that even if it is crafted with soft materials, it is not floppy and this ensures that it still retains its original texture even after prolonged usage.

Plastic handlebar

The plastic handlebar is equipped on the kettle bar to ensure comfort to the user. The plastic handle also provides there are fewer frictions as opposed to the metal handle hence enabling you to work out for long and comfortably as well.


  • The kettlebells are safe on the floor.
  • The weights are adjustable depending on one’s capability.
  • The handle is made with plastic material to reduce friction when lifting.
  • It is easy to work out with.
  • Saves money since you can sue one kettlebell with different weights.


  • The soft kettle is only compatible with the plates which are designed for soft kettlebells.
  • The maximum weight that it is can accommodate adds up to 30 pounds.

Powerblock Adjustable Kettle Bell



The kettlebell is designed with adjusting mechanism such that you will not need to buy new kettlebells to achieve great workout results. All you need to do is add the amount of weight on the device, and you will be good to go.

Contoured shell handle

This featured design ensures that the user has a comfortable and firm grasp of the device when working out such that it will not slip off even when your hands get slippery.

Magnet dock

The weight selection pin dock is designed with a magnet which ensures that it comfortably sticks to the device such that it will not slip off in the case where you are lifting or swing the kettlebell.

Varieties of weight

The weight increment available on this kettlebell range from 18 to 35 pounds.


  • It is made with safety parts like the magnetic pin.
  • It is comfortable to hold thanks to the equipped contoured shell handle.
  • Has different weight increments on one kettlebell.
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • The weight can only be increased up to 35 pounds

Apex KettleBell Exercise Weight set


Different weight sets

This kettlebell is essential for building muscles, lifting the weight, and also for strengthening the hands and the core.

Adjustable weight

You don’t need to buy multiple kettlebells for your home gym use since the Apex Kettlebell is made with adjustable weight options which allow you to adjust it to different weight intervals; This makes it ideal for use by all people including beginners.

Round shaped handle bar

The kettle bar is equipped with a U shaped handlebar which is essential for ensuring safe and comfortable grip when working out. It also makes it easy to lift and swing the kettlebell while working out.

Durable materials

The kettlebell is crafted using high quality and durable materials. It features cast iron build, and the outer part of the device is coated with powder which gives it a shiny and long lasting look.


  • It is durable.
  • Can be used for different exercises including the toning of the body.
  • Has adjustable weight option.
  • Comfortable to hold for long hours


  • The kettlebell is quite heavy as opposed to others.
  • The adjusting bolts tend to become loose especially when continuously used and therefore you may need tightening over time



We can’t really complain about the build quality of the item listed above even if we try. When you need to purchase an adjustable kettlebell, it will be advisable to consider any of the top picks mentioned in this article. They all have a solid build, comfortable to use and can be easily adjusted.

A good adjustable kettlebell has fair levels of weight increment that are very solid. This home gym set has handles that ergonomic and very comfortable to handle. Most importantly, these sets are able to meet the fitness goals of beginners, regulars and serious weight lifters. You should give one of these adjustable kettlebells a try as they are excellent workout tools capable of toning your body at the comfort of your home.